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For decades, landscapes across the desert Southwest have been at the forefront of nature photography and popular culture. Lake Powell's meandering shoreline has been used as a location in film and television; the near-perfect curve of Horseshoe Bend has splashed across the pages of nature magazines and is a prominent social media destination. In fact, the most expensive photograph ever sold was taken within Antelope Canyon. These are some of the most recognizable and beautiful natural landscapes in the world - and they can all be found just outside of Page, AZ. This fantastic day tour offers passengers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to recreate these photos for themselves.

This tour includes a thrilling helicopter flight to the summit of Tower Butte for 360-degree views of the surrounding desert scenery and Lake Powell. You'll also fly past Horseshoe Bend, with stunning views and photo opportunities from your helicopter. The highlight of this adventure undoubtedly will be Antelope Canyon - the sandstone slot canyon known around the world. Your guided tour will allow you to photograph the undulating walls and light beams radiating through the narrow corridors. It's your inner photographer's time to shine!

Please note: Due to the sandy footing in Antelope Canyon this tour is not wheelchair-accessible. Sturdy shoes are highly recommended. Antelope Canyon tour may occur before or after flight.


  • 俯瞰鲍威尔湖、格兰峡谷大坝和马蹄形桥
  • 一流的 EcoStar EC130 直升飞机
  • Stadium seating
  • Landing on top of Tower Butte
  • 在导游带领下游览 Antelope Canyon


  • 请携带您的身份证 - 所有预订旅行的乘客必须持有政府颁发的身份证明。
  • 请确保在您的旅程中尽早预订旅行。
  • 水:可以自备一瓶水,但是乘坐飞机期间不得打开水瓶。
  • 记得带上您的照相机!允许携带照相机和手机,但请注意,在客机内和客机周围严禁使用“自拍神器”和延长的相机杆。
  • 不确定穿什么?3 月到 9 月建议穿毛衣,10 月至 3 月中旬应该穿冬装。
  • 穿舒适的鞋。游览处的地面可能崎岖不平,有很多小石子。穿可应对崎岖地形的结实且覆盖脚趾的鞋子很是重要。强烈建议穿运动鞋或登山靴。



约 3.5 小时


Approximately 20 – 25 分钟

Tower Butte Duration

Approximately 15 - 20 分钟

Antelope Tour Duration

约 1.5 小时

Terminal Check-In

Arrive at the airport 30 minutes prior to the departure time to check in for he helicopter flight. Upon arrival, our customer service representative is readily available to answer any questions and provide prompt check-in.

Antelope Check-in

After returning from the helicopter flight, make your way to the Antelope Canyon depot for check in.

Antelope Slot Canyon

Arrive at the slot canyon departure depot 30 minutes prior to departure for check-in. Depart on a guided tour of this mystical slot canyon. Capture amazing photos as the sunlight pierces through and reveals its colorful sandstone walls.


Arrive at the depot with lasting memories and photos of a once in a lifetime experience.